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99752764This section includes many of the pieces I wrote and created over the years as a marketing professional.

Early in my career, in my first marketing job, I designed most of the pieces I wrote copy for on a Mac. This enabled me to be even more creative, and to frame my writing in a visually compelling and powerful format.

As time progressed, I continued to write copy, but managed design and print vendor production of my promotional pieces, which included brochures, flyers, postcards, and editorial calendars, etc.

COPY & DESIGN178791097-1
When I was working as a marketing specialist at Scholarly Resources / SR Books, my colleagues and I managed the entire lifecycle of a print promotion piece.

We wrote copy, designed collateral, selected cardstock and PMS colors; prepped files for production, worked closely with print vendors and mailhouses to get the finished product to our targeted audiences.

I also had a chance to dabble in PR when I was at SR Books. We designed and wrote releases to promote our newly published books in the hopes of getting them picked up by book reviewers.

We also sent the releases to professors along with review copies of our books to pitch their review while also hoping they might select our texts for course adoption.

As marketing associate at Centcom, Ltd., the advertising arm of the American Chemical Society, I was responsible for generating ad revenue for their premier publication, Chemical & Engineering News and Modern Drug Discovery.

This entailed writing copy for postcard mailings, editorial calendars, faxes and emails that promoted each issue of the weekly publication; brochures promoting company events 160372572-1and even show daily articles.

In my next position as Creative Services Account Executive at PMI, I was responsible for writing copy supporting their global congresses, Bookstore, Standards and Knowledge & Wisdom Center.

They launched OPM3 during my tenure there, and I created numerous pieces including OPM3 and OPM3 Product Suite FAQs and a Product Suite media kit. I also produced postcard and flyer copy to promote the third edition of their premier Standard, PMBOK(R) Guide.