Technical Writing

One 3d render Book  on white backgroundINSURANCE SOFTWARE DESIGN
In my most recent position at Insurance Software Design, I am responsible for documenting all of our company’s liability insurance applications. These serve as a value add for insurance agents that complete these applications online, and for other end users, which include dentists, doctors and travel agents.

I also developed standard operating procedures that detail internal processes in our IT, accounting and underwriting departments. The customer facing documents are available to insurance agents and other users through a documentation site I created in WordPress. An additional password protected area on the site contains the internal procedures.

Prior to this, I was on several long term technical writing projects.

My first experience was at The Vanguard Group, where I was brought on to create a manual of standard operating procedures that provided detailed instructions on how to use their internal proprietary software.

I was there for several months, and extended a few times.

Once the Georgia-Pacific manual was completed, I rewrote the documents for a 180219144general audience. I sat with key subject matter experts to learn about how they process key benefits, such as setting up a beneficiary, cashing out a benefit, and setting up a retirement savings account.

A few years later139963014(2), I was brought back and worked with a team of technical writers to produce the materials needed so that this global financial company could meet SAS70 requirements. This was a wonderful experience for me, and I was able to learn from all of the other writers, as we edited each other’s work.

Following the second Vanguard Group assignment, I worked on another long term project at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, which is now Pfizer, and perhaps best known for their product, Advil. I held weekly meetings so that we could create sufficient documentation as they moved from using TrackWise to SAP CAPA.


  • Division Directives/Guidances
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Tutorials
  • User Specifications
  • Test Scripts
  • Glossaries