Technical Writing

As the first full-time technical writer at MatrixCare, I worked closely with the Quality Assurance and Business Analyst teams to produce a suite of technical and content writing documents.

I used their internal CRM system, Confluence wiki and Jira ticketing system to conduct research to produce the written materials. I attended daily stand up meetings and interviewed staff to create documentation that was featured in the software via MadCap Flare. Other documents were housed in the Client Success Center and on internal portals for easy reference.

One 3d render Book  on white backgroundINSURANCE SOFTWARE DESIGN
While working at Insurance Software Design, I was responsible for documenting all of the  company’s liability insurance applications. They serve as a value add for insurance agents that complete these applications online, and for other end users, which include dentists, doctors and travel agents.

I also developed standard operating procedures that detail internal processes in our IT, accounting and underwriting departments. The customer facing documents are available to insurance agents and other users through a documentation site I created in WordPress. An additional password protected area on the site contains the internal procedures.

Prior to this, I was on several long term technical writing projects.

My first experience was at The Vanguard Group, where I was brought on to create a manual of standard operating procedures that provided detailed instructions on how to use their internal proprietary software.

I was there for several months, and extended a few times.

Once the Georgia-Pacific manual was completed, I rewrote the documents for a 180219144general audience. I sat with key subject matter experts to learn about how they process key benefits, such as setting up a beneficiary, cashing out a benefit, and setting up a retirement savings account.

A few years later139963014(2), I was brought back and worked with a team of technical writers to produce the materials needed so that this global financial company could meet SAS70 requirements. This was a wonderful experience for me, and I was able to learn from all of the other writers, as we edited each other’s work.

Following the second Vanguard Group assignment, I worked on another long term project at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, which is now Pfizer, and perhaps best known for their product, Advil. I held weekly meetings so that we could create sufficient documentation as they moved from using TrackWise to SAP CAPA.


  • Division Directives/Guidances
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Tutorials
  • User Specifications
  • Test Scripts
  • Glossaries