Health Care Book

Health Care Will Not Reform Itself

101835120Timing is everything. Especially in publishing.

As fate would have it, Health Care Will Not Reform Itself by Kaiser Permanente Chairman & CEO George Halvorson, was published when health care reform was on everyone’s lips.

He was invited to some very high profile meetings to share his expertise — including a few at the 101835120White House. We were fortunate to go along for the ride.

We decided this book was a perfect candidate for Book Expo America (BEA). So we worked with his publicist to create some promotional materials and buzz prior to the show.

We included a blurb about his book signing in the BEA pre show emails, created some signage, scheduled him for a podcast interview on his latest title and a book signing in the CRC Press / Taylor & Francis booth.

479726087On the day of the book signing, we stood in the lobby handing out reminder cards and posted signage in key locations. Later that day, it was my job to rally the crowd and bring them back to the booth.

Halvorson was a natural and the attendees were eager to speak with him about the concepts in his new book and health care reform in general. All in all, the book was a success and generated a lot of conversation in addition to sales. Due to our efforts, of course, and the near perfect timing of publication.