Using Integrated Marketing to Increase Website Traffic

163685633How Crestec Digital grew the Brother website from 6,000 hits to more than 12 million per month

This white paper was essentially a promotion piece for Crestec Digital, illustrating the dramatic impact Crestec’s strategic redesign of had on sales. You will see from the photos
in the white paper that they created a really beautiful website that included lots of special features to give customers a reason
to return.

I really enjoyed writing this because I learned something about web marketing and had an opportunity to be really creative. It was exciting to do a piece on such a major brand, and I was thrilled with the way they ultimately formatted and packaged the white paper.

Crestec promoted the white paper with a simple postcard mailing, that encouraged recipients to visit Crestec’s website to view the white paper, and, in turn,

See How Crestec Digital Took Brother’s Webste from Sew-Sew to Spectactular
The Home Appliance Division (HAD) of Brother International wants to establish itself as a premier suppier of home sewing, embroidery and quilting machines, accesories, and consumables.

They strive to secure a significant portion of the multi-billion dollar industry that is growing industry that is growing out of national trend toward home-based hobbies, and want to put  an exciting new spin on their products and services.

477257775Like most professionals, they are interested in enhancing their web presence, and increasing the number of visitors to their site. They see great earning potential in the internet, and would like to use their website to bolster their sales and image.

Situation: A Website That Doesn’t Reflect The Company’s Excellence
Prior to working with Crestec Digital, the Brother HAD site was being produced in house, served from Japan, and averaged only about 6,000 hits a month. It loaded very slowly, offered limited information, failed to reflect the excellence of Brother’s engineering, and wasn’t meeting the needs of its target audience: America’s home sewing enthusiasts.

Solution: Crestec Digital Adopts Brother177290403
Brother HAD chose Crestec Digital as its agency of record for advertising, public relations and online marketing in the spring of 2002. Crestec Digital strategically recreated Brother’s web identity and image, gave them a new address,, and differentiated them from the masses.

They developed a friendly, feature-rich website with a distinctive
brand personality that is in keeping with Brother International’s corporate design guidelines. It has its own creative look and feel, while reinforcing Brother’s credibility as a global superbrand with a long history of innovative technology and superior manufacturing.

Result: Many Happy Returns: To the Website and, Consequently, on Investment
In-depth and interactive product inf175195969ormation, special features and promotions, and a monthly e-newsletter have enabled Brother HAD to forge a tremendous relationship with their customers and dealer base, and have contributed to repeat visits to the new site.

Within a mere eight months of its launch, the new Brother website began to enjoy an average of 500,000 hits per month and product sales for the Home Appliance Division had increased by 20%.

Today, the site receives more than 12 million hits per month. And the hits just keep on coming. That’s the short of it. But there’s much more to this success story. Read on to see how Crestec Digital, through their vision and the use of integrated marketing, breathed new life into Brother HAD’s website and, as a result, their business. Read more…

Reprinted with permission from Crestec Digital