White Papers

186251511(1)This section includes a couple of white papers I wrote for Crestec Digital, a New Jersey-based agency.

I initially met with the agency when I applied for one of their positions. Once we got together and started talking, they realized they had an immediate need for a white paper writer.

The first is a case study on BrotherSews.com, and the second is a search engine optimization white paper. Browse the shelf and click on the white paper to go straight to the PDF or click on the descriptions below to learn more about each.

Using Integrated Marketing to Increase Website Traffic
This white paper was essentially a promotion piece for Crestec Digital, illustrating the dramatic impact Crestec’s strategic redesign of Brothersews.com had on sales. You will see from the photos in the white paper that they created a really beautiful website that included lots of special features to give customers a reason to return.

Search Engine Optimization
This piece was created as a value-add for Crestec Digital clients. It was a very successful white paper, and generated a lot of traffic to their site. It provided detailed information on what customers may be doing wrong, and also provided them with ample advice on how they could maximize their website.