Event Marketing

154003421(1)Most of my marketing positions have involved a lot of event marketing and tradeshow participation.

I have often been solely responsible for my company’s success at a tradeshow, and involved in the entire process, from handling booth logistics and paperwork; creating and shipping all of the promotional materials and books; booth setup, break down and staffing.

Other more advanced tasks have included writing articles about onsite meetings for International Trade Show Press (ITSP) show daily publications; scheduling and facilitating book signings, giveaways contests, and author videos; using social media onsite to create buzz around booth specials and events; interfacing and selling to B2B and B2C customers.

Event work is interesting because you get to talk to your customers in person, which is invaluable to a marketing professional. When I attended CRC Press/Taylor & Francis industry shows, we had a chance to meet the professionals who use our books to stay on top and advance in their fields. At times, they were able to meet with favorite and new authors.

The Centcom, Ltd. trade shows had a different focus. We raised awareness around the Chemical & Engineering News editorial calendar so that chemical company attendees, such as BASF and Dow Chemical, could place their ads in the most advantageous upcoming issues.

Author Videos
When I was working at CRC Press, I was responsible for ramping up and running their author video program. This involved coming up with a list of questions for authors to cover on their book and interviewing them at the many industry conferences I attended.

Book Signings
177043255I have held several publishing positions over the years, and have had an opportunity to participate in a few book signings.

As a writer myself, who has a small collection of autographed books, I have a special affinity for book signings. And a tremendous respect for published book authors.