133600188As the new web marketing manager at CRC Press / Taylor & Francis Group, I was responsible for helping them launch the new And for starting up their social media program.

We started with a simple Facebook page, posting tidbits about our latest published books and our attendance at industry tradeshows. 459565819

We recognized that there was a lot of potential in our authors, many of which were professors and experts in their fields. We created an author and editor group on LinkedIn where readers could find them and tap their knowledge.

Over time, we encou153911435raged the entire organization to get involved in social networking, to update their LinkedIn profiles and connect with our authors and editors.

In an effort to make our academic, scientific and technical books more appealing
and interesting, we started up an author/editor video program. The writers were interviewed about their books, and encouraged to provide background information on themselves and the books179236090

Our videos were popular, and gave our books an extra promotional push in the wake  and excitement of industry conferences.

We would also tweet to let visitors know about our giveaways and contests. This also gave the authors and editors a chance to interact with our prestigious writers