Digital Marketing Experience

I have been writing digital marketing conte468280575nt in all of its forms for well over a decade now. It has been an exciting time to work in marketing, and especially fascinating to watch the publishing industry evolve to keep up with the times.

When I was working at Scholarly Resources in the 2001, our web marketing was limited to repurposing and publishing brochure copy to our website.This was prior to the dawn of the ebook.

Fast forward to 2007, when I started working at CRC Press, and the entire landscape had changed. eReaders were all the rage, and even academics weren’t interested in schlepping bulky text books around anymore.internetmarketing

I was the first emarketing manager at CRC Press, which was mainly a print mailhouse. They were on the cusp of launching a new ecommerce site, and I worked closely with their copywriter manager to develop the marketing pages. Along with that came a standardization for their email marketing and the beginnings of the publisher’s social media efforts.

Web Content
I have been writing and managing web content for over a decade now. My first experience writing for the web was when I was working as a marketing specialist at Scholarly Resources/SR Books.

Quality content is especially important when working for a publishing company, and I quickly learned how to use their content management system to update copy I had repurposed for the web.

133600188I was responsible for spearheading the social media program when I was working at CRC Press.

We started off with the typical Facebook and LinkedIn pages and profiles, and also explored using the publishing-specific social networks such as Shelfari.

I am well versed in both B2B and B2C email marketing. When I worked at Centcom, Ltd., I was responsible for writing all of the content for emails and faxes advertising space in their weekly publication.

Later in my career, I was involved in proofing promotional emails designed for our diverse book customers, who purchased texts for college courses or to stay on top of new advances in their fields.

When I was working as a web marketing and social media marketing manager at CRC Press, I was responsible for ramping up and running their author video program. This involved coming up with a list of questions to use when interviewing our authors about their books.