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481527199I have been writing and managing web content for over a decade now. I first started writing for the web when I was working as a marketing specialist at Scholarly Resources/SR Books. 165432478(1) Quality content is especially important in publishing. Using their content management system, I quickly learned how to write, edit, repurpose, and format content for the  academic publisher’s site.

Later, when I was working at Centcom, Ltd., the marketing arm of the American Chemical Society, I was responsible for working with a vendor to keep the content on the International Trade Show Press (ITSP) website up to date.

As the Web & Social Media Marketing Manager at CRC Press, I was responsible for this international publisher’s web and social presence. I was also involved in expanding their email marketing program.

While working as a Digital Project Manager at Sandow Media, I helped write, proof and upload content to the new New Beauty site. I also worked closely on scheduling and managing their promotional emails for both New Beauty and the TestTube product.

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