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452710475-2I have included links below to some of the articles I wrote when working at PMI. I worked in the brand management department, and created a number of print collateral brochures and flyers promoting PMI’s global congresses and world-renown standards, as well as content for videos and a CD-ROM version of their bookstore catalog which contained all of the books in their extensive project management library.

In addition, I occasionally got to work with the Editor-in-Chief on articles for their monthly publication, PMI Today. It was a lot of fun and exciting to see my name in print again.

Executives Value Project Management and Are Becoming Supportive of Career Path
This is one of the articles I wrote while working as a Creative Services Account Executive at PMI. I worked in the 469641741brand management department, and promoted their bookstore and Standards. Occasionally I had opportunities to write full-length articles for their monthly publication, PMI Today, which was really exciting.

Your Guide to the PMBOK(R) Guide–10 Years
I wrote this piece as PMI’s seminal work was coming up on its 10-year anniversary. A robust non-profit organization fueled by its volunteers, it should come as no surprise and seems fitting that PMI’s most popular and oldest standard was born out of a volunteer project.

To this day, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK(R) Guide) is widely used, respected and frequently updated to keep pace with the rapidly growing project management field. It can be given a lot of credit for not only putting PMI on the map, but with the overall growth of the project management industry.

Getting Acquainted With PMI’s Wide Range of Standards
PMI quickly established themselves as leaders in project management with the publication of their first standard, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK(R) Guide), which is widely considered the de facto standard for project management. The popularity of this initial text sparked the development of a respectable, considerable arsenal of materials that has expanded to include standards on people, organizations and programs in response to the needs of project managers worldwide.