Other News

475813411This section includes some of the harder news stories I have written.

Delco Speaks out on PECO Merger
The PECO Energy merger story was especially interesting to me because my father worked for the local company for several decades prior to this merger.

Sellers Run Risk of Identity Theft When Selling on eBay
The identity theft story was born out of an article I wrote about selling on eBay. One of the sellers i interviewed shared her story with me, and there was enough to her story to create a separate article.

IRS: Electronic filings doubled, so far
This was originally going to be a story about people doing their taxes at Kinkos, but another story emerged. It soon became clear that the real story was about the popularity of electronic tax filing.

92038184(1)Living With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
“It’s just your imagination rolling over the past, it can change your mind completely. It’s just my imagination running wild and too fast, but I know it won’t defeat me.” – Erasure

This popular 80′s song wasn’t intended as an anthem for individuals suffering with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, but it could serve as one. It illustrates their everyday battle with their own minds.