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News Writing

87779597The interesting thing about news writing is that you never know where it may take you. An assignment can start about being about one thing, and evolve into something completely different the more you research and interview.

The articles in this section demonstrate my ability to have a voice while writing in the classic, inverted pyramid format.170433108

Browse the shelf below and click on the PDFs to view the stories. Or, click on the short summaries farther below and related links to visit  an individual page that includes background information on the articles.

Project Management News in PMI Today
I have included links below to some of the articles I wrote when working at PMI. I worked in the brand management department, but occasionally worked with the Editor-in-Chief on articles for their monthly publication, PMI Today.


Other News Articles

This section includes links to some of the harder news story I wrote for the Delaware County Daily Times and Voices.