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477362613Most of the stories in this section are feel good, human interest stories. The Meals on Wheels piece was fun because I got to travel with the volunteers and story photographer as they went door to door delivering food.

I also enjoyed interviewing Dr. Pollard, who is unique as a African American woman doctor, but especially a female plastic surgeon.

Lastly, I’ve included my first published article, which was appropriately on the travel business, as I found my first job as a reservations travel consultant at Apple Vacations.

It was fascinating to meet someone with such a wealth of knowledge and who had first had knowledge of such a fascinating industry.

Articles About Local Business

464260693Volunteers deliver food and friendship in Summer’s here – and so is shortage of volunteers for Meals on Wheels

Dr. Pollard brings a unique understanding to female cosmetic procedures in Bala Physician breaks new ground in plastic surgery

87627996Star employee finally retires, much to the dismay of his long time coworkers and friends in Iron Man of Foamex

Josephine Gettig reflects on travel industry history and it undergoes major changes in Travel 2000: Agencies May Have to Wing It