The Cat’s Meow

Veterinarian caters strictly to felines

catvetThis story is about a Veterinarian Andrea Lerner of Holmes, Pa., who specializes in, you guessed it, cat care.

According to her patient’s owners, she is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. They all agree that Dr. Lerner really cares about her patients, and consistently goes the extra mile for them – even the feral ones.

Sorry, Fido, you’re barking up the wrong tree. IMG_0666

This place is just for cats, as its name, Just 4 Cats, says.

Cats are becoming the pet of choice, according to Lee Duchinski, co-owner and architect of the newly opened Just 4 Cats.

And Just 4 Cats, the only feline exclusive in Delaware County, has made cats the patient of choice.

Located at 238 Rutledge Avenue in Folsom in a neighborhood highly populated with cats, the clinic has received more than 400 patients since it opened its doors in November.

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]”I recommend her to everybody I know that has cats,” client Colleen Bastian said.[/pullquote]

Andrea H. Lerner, co-owner and veterinarian, said several clients, including her volunteer receptionist, Trina Lilly, 185695393have followed her from

practice to practice. looked her up in the phone book and sought out her services.

A graduate of University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, Lerner said she has been practicing veterinary medicine for nearly 12 years. Lerner and Duchinski, partners in life and business, have been planning to open their own cat hospital and clinic for almost eight of those years, Lerner said

They said they mad452657847e numerous sacrifices to ensure the business would become a reality. She said they purchased their first home through the HUD program in order to save money for the site that would become their hospital and home.

Duchinski said they purchased dental cleaning equipment in lieu of a bedroom set. “Dental hygienists envy it,” he said, it “cleans ultrasonically.”

They said they received a blood pressure monitor as a wedding present. “We’re just cat crazy,” he said.

The couple own three cats themselves. One in particular, Truffle, accompanied Lerner through vet school and in “shopping for the right man.”185973964

Lerner said they really did their “homework” and prepared for the zoning hearing by investigating concerns of neighbors of other feline veterinary hospitals.

She said all neighbors approached signed their petition. Duchinski said this encouraged zoning board members to approve the zoning for the hospital. “The neighbors with cats were thrilled,” Lerner said.

Up until three 453571119weeks ago, Lerner said they had done no formal advertising aside from a Yellow Pages advertisement and a sign in front of the office. Most of their business has been generated by word of mouth, she said.

“I recommend her to everybody I know that has cats,” client Colleen Bastian said. “These guys have been fabulous.459921617

A first-time cat owner, Bastian said Lerner has been extremely helpful and informative. Paul Blubaugh agreed, saying she gave him “all the options,” without pushing for one in particular. He said he felt “educated” after his visit to the office. Read more…

Reprinted with permission from the Delaware County Daily Times.