Authors & Books

176890829I have spent much of my career in a writing capacity, and have had the good fortune to land interviews with a number of interesting authors. I have a tremendous amount of respect for published authors.

A friend once said I have never met a book I didn’t like, and this is true. I am 460195655passionate about books, and have an extensive collection of signed and other books.

Much of my full time work has been focused on marketing books for publishing companies, which is a lot of fun. These articles are a bit of a departure from that, and, I think, demonstrate my true love of books.

‘Heather’s Mommy’: Teach Understanding

Self-identified as a poet, Newman is probably best known for the controversial children’s book she published about a child with two lesbian mothers, Heather Has Two Mommies, which garnered a lot of attention.

Irwin math teacher harmonizes love of music, stats in book

110905267-1Main Line Life asked me to do a story on Edward Gardner’s book because they were interested in having a feature story on the link between math and music. I really enjoyed meeting this teacher because I have such an avid interest in, and knowledge of music.

Lucid Dreaming Leads to Dream Novel

I met Ken Eagle Feather a couple of years ago on a train. A former Marketing Manager at Hampton Roads Publishing, Ken has published several titles on personal discovery. This article is about The Dream of Vixen Tor, his first title to delve into his own personal experience.

noir! Talks to Patricia Haley

Since I minored in religious studies/psychology at Penn State, and majored in journalism, this author was particularly interesting to me. I am impressed by her level of success, and the number of books she has published. As you can imagine, I had a list of questions for her!