Feature Articles

160519013-2I really enjoy feature writing, because it gives me a chance to be creative, and to communicate a story in my own voice and style.

Some of the feature articles in this section were pitched, while others were assigned. Despite that, a few themes clearly emerged.

Many of my feature articles are about books and authors, which are a passion of mine. Working for a few publishing companies, including SR Books/Scholarly Resources,CRC Press and, most recently, Sandow Media, I have met a number of authors, and an even greater appreciation for authors.

Several other articles are about local businesses and entrepreneurs, and a few are about animals.

Authors & Books

176890829I have spent much of my career in a writing capacity, and have had the good fortune to land interviews with a number of interesting authors.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for published authors. A friend once said I have never met a book I didn’t like, and this is true. I am passionate about books, and have an extensive collection of signed and other books.

Creature Features
This section includes two stories. I wrote the first one, The cat’s meow, when I was living in Philadelphia, and interviewed a beloved, compassionate cat vet that went the extra mile for her feline friends.

I felt inspired to write the second story, Implications of a Snoopy-Saturated Society, after Charles Schultz passed away, and everyone was talking about his legacy.


81267007I had a deep personal interest in eBay, and wanted to learn more about it. It is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business, because they no longer have to deal with the overhead and expense that is involved with setting up a brick and mortar operation. The eBay article taught me those that are already established in the physical store space can turn more of a profit through online auction site eBay.

When I was at Penn State I was asked to cover a story on two female college students that had started their own fresh cookie home delivery operation. While many students were trying to figure out where the next party was, Tuff Cookies was pitching their business to local vendors. I was really impressed with their level of success and vision.

Local Business
Most of the stories in this section, although they were largely published in the business section, are feel good, human interest stories. The Meals on Wheels piece was fun because I got to travel with the volunteers and story photographer as they went door to door delivering food.

I also enjoyed interviewing Dr. Pollard, who is unique as a African American woman doctor, but especially a female plastic surgeon.