87667457I started off my writing career at Penn State’s Journalism school. My experiences there taught me to research and write copy quickly on deadline. They emphasized getting the facts right, and an uncompromised attention to detail and grammar. I continue to use and develop these core skills to this day.

This section includes many of the articles I have written over the years for PMI Today, The Delaware County Daily Times, Main Line Life, Informex Show Daily, Noir!, VOICES of Central Pennsylvania and Nostalgia.

Most of the articles were written on a freelance basis, but I also published a few articles while working at the Project Management Institute as a Creative Services Account Exec.

Additionally, I wrote a few short pieces for the INFORMEX Show Daily when I was working as a Marketing Associate for Centcom, Ltd, the advertising arm of the American Chemical Society.

Feature Writing160519013-2
I really enjoy feature writing, because it gives me a chance to be creative, and to communicate a story in my own voice and style. Some of the feature articles in this section were pitched, while others were assigned. Despite that, a few themes clearly emerged.

Many of my feature articles are about books and authors, which are a passion of mine. Several others are about local businesses and entrepreneurs, and a few are about animals. Read more…

The interesting thing about news writing is that you never know where it may take you. An assignment can start about being about one thing, and evolve into something completely different when you start researching topics and interviewing subjects.

The articles in this section demonstrate my ability to write in the classic, inverted pyramid format. I think you will find that even though news writing can be very formulaic by design, my voice is still evident in my writing style and unique word choices and combinations. Read more…