Recommendation Letters

105702873Long long ago, before LinkedIn existed, professionals used to ask their former colleagues to write a letter of recommendation for them.

I created a separate section for this because even though some of these recommendations are older, they include more information than a LinkedIn Metal Mailboxrecommendation typically does.

I have been volunteering with the Susan G. Komen South Florida affiliate for more than two years now. I started out working in the office, and moved on to staffing the table of community events and health fairs. I am currently serving on their Communications Committee.

…Like Ambassador Brinker, Judy is motivated to serve and promote early detection and screening. With several breast cancer survivors in her immediate family, Judy shares not only her time and talent, but her own personal stories…–Susan G. Komen for the Cure South Florida Affiliate | Director of Mission Initiatives Lisa Hartstein

Susan G. Komen South Florida Letter of Recommendation

My first publishing position at SR Books/Scholarly Resources had a major impact on the rest of my career. It was thrilling to work with books, to see them develop from ideas to finished published products. I also learned a lot from working with a team of other talented writers. And this position is also where I learned how to use a Mac to lay out our promotional brochures and releases.

 …Ms. Thomas worked on a variety of projects, including creating promotional brochures, writing copy, handling publicity projects, and updating the company website. In all of these tasks, she proved to be conscientious and detail oriented…–Marketing Manager Toni Moyer

SR Books | Scholarly Resources Letter of Recommendation

My first full-time day job as a writer came in the form of technical writing project at The Vanguard Group. I learned a lot in the position, about the ins and outs of financial services, as well as writing for a professional audience. I came to regard Sarah James as a mentor, and really enjoyed my time working with her.

…Judy documented procedures for each specific process in the Defined Benefit area. Her attention to detail, thoroughness, and discipline enabled her to create a quality manual for an important client. We were so pleased with her work that we extended her assignment so that she could compose a generic manual. It is still being utilized as an ongoing business unit document…–Defined Benefits Manager Sarah James

The Vanguard Group Letter of Recommendation

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