Book Signings

I have held several pub177043255lishing positions over the years, and have had an opportunity to participate in a few book signings. As a writer myself, who has a small collection of autographed books, I have a special affinity for book signings. And a tremendous respect for published book authors.

These events generate a lot of excitement for newly published books, and give authors a rare opportunity to meet their readers.

George Halvorson signs Health Care Will Not Reform Itself at BEA91598122

When I was working at CRC Press, one of our authors, Kaiser Permanente Chairman & CEO George Halvorson, published his book, Health Care Will Not Reform Itself, when healthcare reform was the quintessential topic on everyone’s lips. He was/is considered a leader in health care reform – so much so that he met with President Obama and other industry experts at the White House on more than one occasion.

The timing was perfect, and we made sure to schedule Halvorson for a few book events at Book Expo America (BEA). We held a book signing at the CRC Press / Taylor & Francis Group booth and it was quite a hit.

Attendees were thrilled to get a free copy of his book–so much so that they were willing to wait in a long line to get one.

Many of the attendees stuck around afterwards to chat about the book, and the state of health care reform in general. He had a captive audience.

Hooshang Heshmat Signs Tribology of Interface Layers at STLE 2010

Another CRC Press aWritinguthor, Hooshang Heshmat, debuted and signed his book, Tribology of Interface Layers, at a tribology industry conference. We promoted the book well ahead of time with emails, ads and signage.

Although it was a relatively small conference, Heshmat had a good turnout, and was able to generate interest in his new book.

His ability to met with potential readers and customers in person was invaluable, and contributed to the book’s overall success.