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judy-thomasIf I had to summarize my vast experience in a catch phrase, it would be something like this. I’m a copywriter, content creator, digital marketer, project manager, technical writer, and so much more.

My love affair with words began with a journalism degree from Penn State, where they emphasized facts, a keen attention to detail, the importance of grammar and deadlines – core skills which continue to inform my work to this day.

Passionate about the written word in all its forms, and eager to grow my portfolio, I quickly learned that my field offered endless freelance and contract opportunities. I penned white papers for a local ad agency, bylined articles for newspapers, and landed my first long-term contract as a technical writer.

These early experiences were pivotal in shaping the way I think about work and myself. I developed a unique ability to quickly adapt to new roles, situations and subject matter, which has propelled me to succeed in a number of industries and roles.

I’m a really creative and curious person, and enjoy learning and writing about new topics. Working for several publishers, I’ve even had a chance to write about books and authors. My diverse portfolio includes brochures, postcards, blog posts, email content, site content, white papers and trade publication and show daily articles.

But I’m also very organized and process-oriented, which helps me manage multiple projects simultaneously. As a technical writer, I have developed a knack for developing documentation that makes complicated software or procedures accessible to nontechnical users. I’m an expert at streamlining workflows and creating order out of chaos.

Digital marketing is where my creative and technical writing backgrounds intersect. It’s a real sweet spot for me. Like most marketers, I am adept at using online toolsets to successfully distribute the content my colleagues and I create.

I especially enjoy collaborating with content writers, web and graphic designers on campaigns. Site redesign projects and content strategies are my specialty. As a skilled creative project manager, I communicate effectively and excel at motivating internal teams and outside vendors.  133869370