Welcome to my portfolio site.

Named for my fondness for taking notes and hanging out online, I designed Judy’s Web Pad to display my finest work and provide an interactive career summary online. It has blossomed into a portfolio piece of its own, and is an excellent example of my ability to leverage my WordPress and digital marketing skills to promote my own marketing and editorial materials online.

But it’s also a window into my creative life and world, containing carefully selected personal photos, images and colors to evoke my personal style online. I’ve even incorporated an interactive bookshelf on my portfolio site to denote my love of books and publishing, and for fun and convenient reading.

Creative competencies and deliverables

This portfolio site includes a variety of samples and a detailed account of my extensive work as a marketer, technical writer and copywriter, freelance journalist and volunteer.

All of these experiences have impacted my career, and made me the well-rounded professional I am today.

Simple click on the marketing, technical writing, journalism or special projects menus on the main navigation menu to view my pieces or learn more about my work experience in these specific areas.

Interactive C.V.

The interactive resume portion of my portfolio site offers a complete overview and bullet points related to my  professional experiences that you would expect to find on a traditional resume. As a value add, I have dedicated a separate page to each employment opportunity, that includes links back to specific deliverables completed while I was in that particular role, and to the employer’s website, too.

If you prefer to view my portfolio site in a more traditional resume format, or to learn more about the work I completed while working for a particular employer, simple navigate to the about Judy menu to peruse my interactive C.V., and select the particular position you’d like to explore.

Thanks again for visiting. I hope you find my portfolio site interesting and informative.